The Gartena Consulting & Installation AB - IP/Patent, and the ATSG, IP CBABS with the Totally Integrated Insurance Products (TIIP) will be implemented in situ on the ODF Process.

Scope of Works/Facilities for the designated ODF Process


The output of the ODF Plant(s) will obviously determine what Waste2Energy volume in terms of Water or Electricity can be produced for the specific Client/Government/Commercial entity. All is initially explained in the

Short Technical Report and further explained in the Comprehensive GAH Business Plan and Pre-Feasibility Report (available on request).


The forward plan is to form individual JV-SPC´s with Government bodies and major Commercial Groups for each ODF in each Country/Region.


GAH will produce an efficient and cost effective IP-Waste2Energy

Management Facility - whereby the ODF Process will also produce Output of Water or Electricity or Both (and Ash), with Carbon Credits as part of the overall unique ODF Process


The key to the success of the ODF Process is in the Two - IP mechanisms from Gartena Consulting & Installation AB and ATSG, and then the expertise of the Consortium as leaders in Waste2Energy and Super Desalination Evaporator Plants, so in effect the ODF becomes a "Cookie Cutter Design/Build" with Structured Finance packages for each of the Plants, specifically tailor-made to the Clients requirements.


Scope of Facilities of the Plant


* Biz Plan/Feasibility Study

* Process Design - All Electric or All Water Output - or a Mix of both

* Conception of ODF

* Land Arrangements and Location

* Permissions, Licenses, Planning, etc

* Finance Structuring Package

* Construction - Design/Build, Control Engineering, Civil Works,

  Waste Plant Structure, Desalination Plants, and Pipelines

* Installation - Mechanical, Electrical, Waste Management and

  Desalination - Automation systems, and Auxiliary Installations

* Test and Commissioning

* Operating and Maintenance Contract


Cashflow/Profit & Loss/Balance Sheet


* Finance Structuring Package by ATSG

* Off-Take Agreements for - Waste, Electric, Water, (Ash)

* Underwriting

* Carbon Credits

Development Consortium


* GAH are the Principals for the ODF


* There will be JV-SPC´s formed for each of the ODF Country Projects


* ATSG will be the Asset Management Company to the GAH, Gartena  Consulting & Installation AB, the Consortium, the SPC´s and all the

  other ODF´s, ATSG will be providing their IP - CBABS and the arrangements for the TIIP


* Gartena Consulting & Installation AB has the IP and Patent for the Waste Management, and will be providing their necessary Licensing and



* EC Harris, Lead (PMC)


* Abengoa are the preferred EPC Group, in conjunction with Regierungsbaumeister Schlegel GmbH & Co. KG


* Regierungsbaumeister Schlegel GmbH & Co. KG - are to provide the design for the ODF in conjunction with Gartena Consulting & Installation AB

   and the PMC